Trading Representatives Sales Training 1

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Programme Summary
This Programme aims to equip TRs and renew the TRs’ sales competencies to bring greater value-added service to investors. The aim is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of TRs’ activities, leading to greater productivity in trading and sales management.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Build sales competency in terms of
i. Acquiring clients
ii. Improving service levels
iii. Managing client expectations
iv. Handling difficult issues & clients

2. Improve sales productivity
Duration: 2 days
Prerequisite: No prior learning/experience requirement, this programme is targeted at new TRs

Course Outline


1. Client acquisition and the power of referrals
i. Prospecting does not mean making cold calls since statistics show the success rate is less than 5%
ii. Referrals can be made easy if you use the right strategy
iii. We will reveal some helpful tips that will help you master making hot calls

2. Setting client service levels and managing client expectations
i. To establish any service level, you need to examine the fundamentals of selling in order to understand the client and his needs
ii. One main focus is asking the right questions of your clients to help you provide the right product and the right service
iii. Whatever you offer has to be worth more than what your client thinks he is paying for so an effective sales person will deliver that answer from the onset
iv. When you offer something that gives the “feel good” factor, you are on your first step towards sales success
v. Setting up a calling script & a daily routine
vi. Telephone skills are essential in your pursuit to be an effective sales person, but success really depends on you being organized
vii. Steps to mastering a daily routine includes asking yourself, “What is your objective?” and identifying the right approach
viii. Setting up a call list and ensuring that you establish a calling discipline as the first step to getting you your sales ticket
ix. In disseminating information to your client via your daily call requires you maintaining the interest of the client. The trick is to create a “hook” where your opening statement packs enough of a punch for the listener to ask for more x. It is essential to follow a simple outline so that the most important calls are made and the information are broadcasted to your top clients quickly and efficiently


3. Case studies of Top 10 client issues a TR will face
i. A closer look at what new TRs face when they first start as a sales person catering to their clients’ needs and wants
ii. Creating your rapport, building your credibility and maintaining a high standard of service so you gain mileage with your clients
iii. Showcasing product knowledge and understanding what is relevant to your client

4. Handling difficult clients
i. The key to providing good service requires you to have good communication skills
ii. The best way to accommodate all “categories” of clients is to possess good listening and acknowledging skills
iii. Responding to clients’ needs and concerns will demonstrate your personal credibility and competence and also gain emotional alignment with your clients
iv. Learn to take appropriate action, to sound logical and reasonable, and learn to better handle objections
v. Master some techniques to becoming an empathetic listener and use the right type of body language to convey attentiveness and alertness
vi. Adopt an acknowledging stance so that you can demonstrate your ability to listen and build rapport with your client

5. Roleplaying different client-facing scenarios
i. Confrontations and accusations – how to calm a client down when sparks fly
ii. Saying “no” to demanding clients who pay little and ask a lot
iii. When you promise more than you can deliver

Trainer Profile
Lena Yong

As Executive Director and Chief Trainer, Lena drives the training curriculum at LIAM Consultants and oversees to material that are included in the training syllabus. She is key to the direction taken in the courses and holds a firm belief that everyone, if taught properly, can be a great sales person.

Lena brings to LIAM a wealth of sales experience both as a sales manager and as a sales person with over 28 years of experience in the financial industry. Trained as a company secretary and cost management accountant, her career in stockbroking began in late 1987 as an analyst. Lena subsequently spent 10 years researching a myriad of sectors including gaming, consumer, plantations and property with the former Baring Securities, SG Warburg as well as UBS. She then moved into institutional sales and was ranked in Asiamoney and other foreign and domestic polls including being named best salesperson in Malaysia for two years running by financial-based The Edge magazine.

She then headed sales teams in international equity houses such as CLSA and the Australian-based investment bank, Macquarie Group before she became Head of Institutional Sales Asia with Singaporebased regional house UOB Kay Hian. Lena is presently Head of Institutional Broking Asia with RHB Securities Singapore where she oversees to the entire Institutional Equities & Research teams in the five regional markets of Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia.

Prior to joining the financial industry, Lena began her career as a business journalist in The Business Times in Malaysia.

Click here to download the programme brochure