The last mile in any sale – administration

You have asked for the referrals; you have contacted the prospects and won them over with your great sales personality – but you’re just not getting the sale. Why is that so?

It’s called administration. You are not alone. All sales people hate this part of their job but you have to deal with it. It involves organizing your meeting notes, getting back to clients with their queries and following up on requests. This is the last bridge that will get you your ticket.

When it comes to going through logs on client get-togethers and running over what has transpired, sales people choose the easy way out – forget about them. Unfortunately, the organization portion is a must. It is the one major difference between a good sales person and a great one.

Three easy steps to get over this cumbersome process is:

Jot down key words as reminders. If there is a query about a custodial service or questions on a new product etc., write down key words as a reminder.

Work a matrix and prioritize. The best way to dissect administrative tasks is to organize the errands in order of importance. Things that can be delegated to assistants or follow-ups that need attention from other departments can be farmed out quickly. Then get back to the clients the moment their queries get answered.

Set aside time for administration. Spend an hour at the end of each day to run through your notes and highlight the “to do” list. It is this discipline that will ensure that the paper work does not pile up and urgent matters are not put in the backburner so requests or queries are not attended to.

Clients are usually more impressed with the little things. If you deliver on this front, you portray yourself as professional and convey a message that you value them as a client since their requests are attended to promptly. This added touch adds heaps to creating “goodwill” that will go a long way in ensuring that you will be the first in the list when they want to do the business.

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