Liam’s Financial Sales Training

LIAM Consultants has developed a complete interactive syllabus with role-play and exercises to give you top-notch financial sales training encompassing five modules that cover the entire spectrum of selling – from understanding client needs to recognizing their body language and persuading them to buy.

The syllabus was written by Ms. Lena Yong, who has over 25 years experience in the finance industry. Ms. Yong started as a corporate journalist with Business Times before joining the stockbroking industry in 1987. She has worked for foreign houses such as UBS, CLSA and Macquarie Group both as a senior analyst as well as sales person. Prior to starting up LIAM Consultants, Ms. Yong was the Head of Institutional Sales for Asia in UOB Kay Hian where she set up a very successful and profitable team for the regional house.

The syllabus has been endorsed by Dr. Nicky Reid, who is a Professor of Education in Roehampton University in London. She has held several Focus Groups with 3rd Year business students to get them to give feedback. Comments have been very encouraging.

If you need further clarification on LIAM Consultants or our material, please feel free to let us know. We can discuss the relevant material to suit whatever requirements your sales personnel may need in order to maximize their performance.

Liam’s Young Investors Series

The Young Investors Series is the brainchild of LIAM Consultants’ chief trainer Ms. Lena Yong and Ms. Andrea Sankar to impart financial literacy to teenagers in order to prepare them to face challenges in handling money when they eventually progress into the real world.

The syllabus will help kids acquire essential financial capabilities in managing funds, keep track of their finances, plan for key commitments and make informed decisions on financial products.

The mode of learning has been developed to be fun but informative so students will enjoy through games that simulate real-life situations and get to make financial decisions. They will understand how to deal with various conditions and experience the consequences of getting into debt, become disabled – with or without insurance and even dabble in different investments including stocks, bonds and commodity markets.

It is LIAM’s belief that the foundation of financial literacy should be built from childhood and our Young Investors Series has been tailor made to introduce youths to the intricate concepts and principles of finance that would ultimately lead them to the path of financial freedom.

Liam’s Junior Investors Series

Liam Consultants’ Junior Investors Series financial literacy course is a spin-off from our Young Investors Series comprising three modules that will be taught in 2-hour sessions each for a total of 6 contact hours.

Our junior program has been tailor-made for Upper Elementary school children to raise their awareness of the role of money in their day-to-day lives.

As with our Young Investors Series for teenagers, we use games developed in-house to simulate real-life financial situations, where students get to make financial decisions and experience the consequences.