Real life Survivor – outwit, outplay, outlast in sales

Do you watch the reality series Survivor? It has just completed its 24th season and the next will be airing on US television this autumn (or fall). It is perhaps one of the most successful game programs ever produced since it premiered on CBS in May 2000. I don’t follow it too closely but when I do watch, I am entirely taken aback by what people will do to scheme and crawl their way up to the top to win that US$1million.

That said, Survivor is actually a classic showpiece of how persuasion plays into human lives and as an effective sales person, this is a tool that you must absolutely have in your armory in order to succeed.

In the television series, perceived self-interest (as cited by Dr. Kevin Dutton in his book – Split-Second Persuasion) is one of the common patterns in persuasion. He notes that although we are social animals, we are ultimately governed by our individual self-interest.

Hence, in sales, we need to emphasis on the “what’s it in for me” portion of our pitch in order to persuade our clients to buy into our product or service. Empathize with your customer and this leads to caring for them. This is a vital step towards building trust and raises your chances of persuading them.

The other aspect of persuasion is the very art of convincing your customer. This must be done with confidence and being assertive (without sounding pushy) is a skill that will be very worth your while to master.

The “assured” poise can be attained with product knowledge; what is in the market, what the competition are offering and the latest developments in the industry. If all these facts are right at your fingertips, you can sell with authority – another tool in your persuasion arsenal.

Last but not the least; be committed and consistent in your service because society places a high value towards a dependable individual. If your customers think that you offer them quality assistance, they will not only come back to you every time, they also serve as good referrals. In our business, referral selling is one of the key components that will help you outwit, outplay and outlast your competitors!

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