Financial Sales Training Modules

Module One – The Fundamentals of Selling

This module goes back to the basics of what selling is all about. Excellent for newer sales people, you learn what is actually involved in the entire sales process. We dispel the theory that product knowledge is all you require to become a good sales person because understanding who the customer is and what is his needs are second to none when you focus on selling successfully.

Module Two – Effective Communications

Effective communication is imperative in the business environment. This 3-part module will teach participants how to speak publicly, the preparatory skills involved in making presentations and how to handle questions. You are taught as a financial sales person to tackle the all important telephone presentation (especially when you have to talk to an answering machine and leave a message)!

Module Three – Written Selling

Business communication in the written form has long been in existence but in this current day and age, it is even more significant for sales people to use this form to sell effectively. The module touches on business writing and how to use the best ways to influence clients. Content is a section as well as email etiquette.

Module Four – Body Language

The use of kinesics in selling is one of the most powerful tools used by successful people in their daily dealings. The 2-part module examines where body language features in business and how to interpret this to give you a clue on what your clients are thinking and how to interact with them.

Module Five – The Science Of Persuasion

This last module talks about persuasion and how you can influence you clients and convince them to use your service. As a participant, you learn about the 6 powerful persuasion techniques and how to apply them in your daily dealings with your clients.

These modules are taught interactively – where the class participants are asked to do role plays to help them grasp the syllabus better apart from getting written notes.