Dr. Nicky Reid

As an educationalist and innovator whose extensive experience is underpinned by an outstanding record across United Kingdom schools, Dr. Nicky Reid is a recognized consultant internationally for work in quality assurance in personal finance education.

Her career spans over 25 years and includes teaching in schools, further and higher education, training and consultancy, publications and research. As an activist, with a voice on several advisory boards and committees, Dr. Reid is responsible for the creation and management of a National Student Support Programme that currently impacts 160+ universities (or approximately 250,000 students) across the United Kingdom.

She is actively involved with several financial organizations in developing resource materials to ensure young people leave education with the confidence, skills and knowledge in financial matters to fully take part in society.

Her most recent publications are on financial capability education as well as articles for national newspapers on graduate employment and the development of a mobile telephone budgeting application for students.